Saturday Sprinkles

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  1. It’s been exactly one week and two days since I’ve returned from Florida. I’ve spent that time looking for a job, baking, and spending time with my boyfriend and family.
  2. I’ve scheduled two interviews for a pretty good job at at a doctor’s office, so that’s cool.
  3. I’m still looking for another job that I can work here and at school because dude, I need money.
  4. I saw the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra play Fantasia tonight with Brian and his parents, and it was fantastic.
  5. I splurged and bought some white chocolate peanut butter today and ohmygoodness it is fantastic and I’m definitely going to be making my own sometime. (and sharing the recipe!) It was $3.99 at Target and I bought Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend.
  6. I ordered a bunch of tea from Adagio teas and BOY am I excited! My college roommate (and bff) has a blend from there and it’s fantastic, and I’m excited to try the teas I bought!


Left to right: Hermione Granger, Katniss, Captain Jack, Cinna, Bilbo Brew.

All are by Cara M. and I’m super excited!

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