Saturday Sprinkles 02/01/14

Goodness gracious, it’s February already? Keep up with this and I’ll be graduating in no time! (psst it’s still a year away. sheesh.) It’s been SUPER COLD here, but it’s winter so what else can you expect? Last week I had three days in a row off of school, because of MLK day and two snow days. It was absolutely wonderful.  I went home that weekend as well, since my family is moving this weekend! Yup, my parents are moving to Philly- just the next suburb over from my school.

School time: 

  • the first month of the semester has been great. I’ve been getting great feedback from my professors and I’m excited about my classes, with the exception of Spanish and personality psych.
  • Favorite class so far? Psychopathology. It’s very interesting and we talk about just what I want to go into post-grad.
  • Speaking of, I’ll have half of my senior thesis written by the end of the semester! Next semester I’ll be doing the actual study portion (on real live humans, that’s both exciting and scary!) and adding in the results.

Things I’m loving this week: 

Instagram Highlights

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