June 2014 archive

Saturday Sprinkles 6/13/14


Hello from Pittsburgh! We’re here this weekend visiting one of Brian’s friends from High school.

Did I tell you we moved? That happened in February, technically. We just moved again to our permanent house! So that’s where I’ve been this past month. Working and moving! We moved to Philly this past February and have been renting a home until our “real” home was ready- which we moved to this past week.

The semester is over and I could not be more glad. Lets just say, I didn’t have the best year of my life and I’m glad to have some time to rest and recover.

I got a new camera lens!!! It’s my birthday present to myself. Its a 50mm f/1.8 and I LOVE IT. It’s taking some getting used to but the photos are gorgeous.  I played around with it taking pictures of my dogs the second I got home.



Soooo I think we’re all caught up on my life now? Just remember that I’m 21 and live in Philly and we’re good.

Things I’m loving:

  • Orphan Black. OMG SOOOOOO GOOODDDDD. This is Brian and my favorite show and it is amazeballs. So creepy and amazing and one actress plays like, 50+% of the characters and she is fabulous. it’s on it’s second season and wow…. I just love it.
  • My canon 50mm lens… self explanatory. It’s extremely affordable and if you’re in the market for a new lens, it is highly recommended.
  • Julep Maven subscription box. It starts at $20 and you get two nail polishes and a beauty product each month. There a few different boxes you can choose from each month, from nail polishes to FULL-SIZED beauty products- and you can even completely customize each box!