Saturday Sprinkles 11/00/14

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Well, it’s been way too long since my last Sprinkles post! Or really, my last post in general. Life is rough, but time flies and doesn’t stop for anyone. I can’t believe it’s November already! I’ve been busy with school and loving it, but I can’t wait to graduate in May and settle down.  It’s scary figuring out what will happen after May 10, 2015, but I can’t wait. I am so done with these 60-80 hour work weeks.

A little update on my Myasthenia Gravis: I’ve been on a prednisone regemin for about two months now. It’s not fun, but it is working so I’m dealing with it.  I’ve scheduled thoracic surgery for December to remove my thymus gland. While the doctors have not been able to prove that an enlarged thymus is the cause of MG, they know that this has the highest rates of long-term remission. So yay!

I’ve been obsessed with Political Dramas! The West Wing has been on repeat pretty much all. The. Time.  Can Jed Bartlett be the real President? I’m loving Scandal and House of Cards as well, but TWW is my faveee.

And the new Taylor Swift album? I’M IN LOVE.  I seriously haven’t been this obsessed with an album since the last Jonas Brothers album dropped. (Speaking of, has anyone seen the new HBO show with Nick? How is it? AND HIS NEW MUSIC HELLO.)

Links I’m loving

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Edamame soup? Yes please! 




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