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Saturday Sprinkles: 7/13/13

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Sprinkles!

This week I bring you some tragic news from here in Baltimore. Within the past month in Baltimore City, there have been at least 50 shootings and 20 are dead. Baltimore is one of my favorite cities and it breaks my heart to see this voilent streak. I would appreciate prayers and good thoughts, and I’m sure others in Baltimore would feel the same.

Now on to some happier things! ūüôā

My newest nail polish obsession… Sally Hanson Sugar coat. I got it on sale at Target for less than $4 and it adds a really cool texture to your nails.


My Healthy Chocolate Cookies have been at the top of my stats since I posted them a month ago. You all really love them! I’m trying to develop some more avocado based recipes for you guys.

I have so many ideas for cookie recipes, be prepared for an abundance in the next few weeks!

I’ve been trying to run and work out more because this weird thing happens where when you bake desserts 3+ times a week you start to gain weight and need to exercise Ray Ban outlet more. Brian and I have started running together once a week and we took my dog with me. We tired her out so much she ran into the shade on the way home and just lied down.


Instagram highlights:

(I’m slightly obsessed with instagraming dogs. Oops.)

IMG_6393 IMG_6407

Some of the best food I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Baltimore, make sure to stop by Metropolitan Wine and Coffee bar in Federal Hill. ¬†This is¬†pistachio¬†crusted salmon with Israeli couscous and fresh veggies.



That’s how my last few weeks have gone, how have you all been? Any book, food, or movie¬†recommendations?

A Walk Through My Garden

My family (Well, mostly my father) is¬†growing¬†a little vegetable garden on our porch this summer! It’s wonderful and beautiful and amazing. It’s also great to have fresh materials to cook with. If I want some basil for my spagetti or caprese, I can just walk outside and get some fresh basil. So today I thought I would do something different and show you our garden.

Let’s start with peppers!


We have three- two mild, one spicy. Unfortunately, we don’t know which one is the spicy one thanks to a little puppy who pulled out the markers.

garden4 garden2 garden


Next is our¬†lettuce. It’s so tall! We love having fresh¬†lettuce¬†for our salads. I normally don’t like purple lettuce and prefer crunchier types like Romane, but I love this lettuce!



Now it’s time for my favorites, the tomatos. They just started blooming and I can’t wait to pick them and have fresh tomatos. I love tomatos so much and if I had my way, I would eat them plain. They’re just so good!



We also have cherry tomatos, which have been in bloom since the maglie calcio poco prezzo end of may and have just exploded. We pick a few almost every day. We have two plants- a red and a yellow.

garden8 garden7


And then our herbs, which have also exploded.

Mint, Sage, and Basil.

garden10 garden11 garden12


We don’t know what we can do with the sage though. Do any of you have ideas? We’re almost completely lost. We use the basil for lots of things and put the mint in tea and other drinks, but have yet to use the sage.

We also have a few small trees and potted flowers.

garden13 garden16


And that’s our garden! We’re very proud of it and hope to grow more next year. I even want to have some in my dorm in college, but… that’s not exactly possible.


Happy 4th of July!

Happy independence day everyone! I hope you all have a relaxing day off and enjoy your parties, beach days, cookouts, and time with your family. Brian and his family are having a Vendita nuove magliette calcio a poco prezzo online 2017/18 bonfire and a party so we’ll be going to that in a few hours.

I did a lot of baking for this party! I’ll be taking some peanut butter cup brownies, peach lemonade, an apple pie and apple hand pies, and cupcakes. And my mom is, of course, taking a batch of her famous chocolate chip cookies!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! What are your plans for today?


Saturday Sprinkles (6/22/13)

It’s been an eventual few weeks here at Pixiedustkitchen!

From a bloggy standpoint, I had my first photo ever accepted to TasteSpotting! I’m really happy, especially since I don’t even have a DSLR camera! You can check out my gallery here.¬†

Personally, I’ve started my new job. It’s my first “Big Girl” job that can hopefully carry me through college and grad school, and I might even be able to have a career at that company. I’ve been picking things up fairly well. I finish training next week and I have an assessment, so hopefully I’ll do well!

Vintage Pixie Dust Kitchen: My first waffle iron that my parents got 12 years ago when I first started to really get into baking and cooking. It makes the most Ray Ban outlet adorable mini waffles and I still use it all the time. When I’m at school and in the dorms, I use it to make brownies and cupcakes with shake n pour brownie mix. ¬†I might have some recipes using it coming soon, so keep an eye out!


I’m a few weeks late, but I have mixed feelings about the new Star Trek. I love it, but there are some things that aren’t quite compatible with the original series, and I don’t like Kirks attitude (I LOVE TOS Kirk) but it was still fantastic¬†regardless¬†and Checkov is still my baby.

Brian told me about this European store Cath Kidson and I’m mad because OMG IT’S AMAZING especially the kitchen section but it’s so expensive plus paying for shipping¬†across¬†the pond… ūüôĀ The kitchen section has the most amazing things that could be used for props, like this polka dot tray, or this cupcake stand.

I’m basically in love.

I don’t think I ever shared all of my foodie birthday gifts. I’m so easy to shop for.


I went to ABC Cake Supplies in Phoenix, AZ and there was a whole wall of sprinkles. Wall. Of. Sprinkles. And an entire aisle of cupcake liners. I think I’m in love. If you’re ever in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, I highly¬†recommend. They also have a website!¬†

The Newest Disney/Pixar movie came out yesterday; hopefully I’ll be able to see it this weekend. I just really, really, love Disney guys. I mean, my blog¬†is¬†called Pixie Dust Kitchen.

King Arthur Flour is holding a sweepstakes to go to their test kitchen, and they have some awesome consolation/weekly prizes as well. You can enter here!

The past two weeks I’ve only posted twice; I’ve been taking summer classes and working weird hours and that’s cut back on my time for recipe development and times to take pictures while the lighting is still nice; but my class ends this week and I have off until Thursday so I’m hoping to get back to posting three times a week starting this week.

Saturday Sprinkles (5/4/2013)

Big news: I bought a domain, so now my blog is all professional and stuff. Right? Welcome to no “.wordpress” in there at all! Aaaand I have a facebook page!

I’ve also decided to make this a bi-weekly post; there’s really not enough going on in my life to warrant a weekly post.

I’m finally getting the hang of that¬†aperture¬†thing. Hopefully this means I can switch to shooting in manual mode soon!


girl look at that bokeh.
maglie calcio poco prezzo
I have the worst luck with cars in the world. My car got a scratch on it… and it was parked behind my house. I didn’t even drive it all day the day the scratch appeared meaning someone hit it somehow. This is after having a minor accident when in Florida on my internship (with my parents 4,000 miles away!), ¬† being involved in a three car fender bender the summer I commuted 45 minutes north for work, and my first car being totaled three days after getting my¬†license. This is just getting¬†ridiculous.

Back to happier things, like Daddy daughter dates to O’s games…


Women’s luncheons at church where I played a flute trio…


Peanut butter burger- the best thing I ever ate!


Still hunting for a job, but I have some good prospects lined up!

I’ve registered for classes, and despite taking my second¬†sophomore¬†year semester off, I still have enough credits to be a junior. Thank you AP classes and taking 16-18 credits every semester so far!

Sadly, it’s going to take more than four semesters to finish school; thanks to changing my major and being a year behind on psychology.

That’s what’s going on in my life, what’s going on in yours?

Saturday Sprinkles

  1. Posts may become less frequent for the time being- I’ve been banned from the kitchen until I find a job. I have some things queued up, and I’m planning to do some baking today and tomorrow that I’ll be posting.
  2. Current obsession: Modcloth and all of the shoes on the website. ZOMG. I cry every time I read the prices. Then I go to Anthro, cry more, and then feel better about the Modcloth prices considering they’re cheaper.
  3. I just need to stop looking at clothes online. It’s terrible for me and my wallet.
  4. I’ve been on a white Moncler outlet chocolate kick lately. From my white hot chocolate to my homemade white chocolate peanut butter (which goes live next week), I can’t get enough of the stuff!

I found this picture on maddieonthings and I identify with it.



I’m obsessed with magical ribbons. I have been since she started making bows… but now I’m counting down the days until I can order.



Saturday Sprinkles

  1. I’ve become obsessed with the show Orphan Black. Ohmygoodness this show is addicting. BBC/BBCA > Other American Networks. I’m just really confused though because I have no idea where this show is supposed to take place with all of the different accents going on.¬†
  2. I’ve applied for readmission to my¬†university. Yay schooling and education! I’ve also finally decided on a major/minor combination.
  3. Finding a job is tough, man. ¬†I have two jobRay Ban outlet interviews Monday and Tuesday with a doctors office though to do front desk work, so hopefully everything will go well and I’ll get the job! I’m so nervous!
  4. I still really, really miss Disney and my internship there.
  5. But getting to spend time with my friends and boyfriend is wonderful. <3

Instagram highlights:


my dog clearly thinks she’s a cat.



I saw Les Mis with some friends the other night! It was amazing.



The Hippodrome is always lovely. Too bad the neighborhood surrounding it isn’t better; I’d love to spend more time there.

Saturday Sprinkles

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  1. It’s been exactly one week and two days since I’ve returned from Florida. I’ve spent that time looking for a job, baking, and spending time with my boyfriend and family.
  2. I’ve scheduled two interviews for a pretty good job at at a doctor’s office, so that’s cool.
  3. I’m still looking for another job that I can work here and at school because dude, I need money.
  4. I saw the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra play Fantasia tonight with Brian and his parents, and it was fantastic.
  5. I splurged and bought some white chocolate peanut butter today and ohmygoodness it is fantastic and I’m¬†definitely¬†going to be making my own sometime. (and sharing the recipe!) It was $3.99 at Target and I bought Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful. I HIGHLY¬†recommend.
  6. I ordered a bunch of tea from Adagio teas and BOY am I excited! My college roommate (and bff) has a blend from there and it’s fantastic, and I’m excited to try the teas I bought!


Left to right: Hermione Granger, Katniss, Captain Jack, Cinna, Bilbo Brew.

All are by Cara M. and I’m super excited!

An Update.

Hello friends,

I was recently terminated from my internship; for a very silly reason that I don’t care to go into. I am currently at my grandparents house and will be heading back home to Baltimore in just a few days. This means that there will be no more new posts until then; but I will be posting Moncler outlet more, and they will (hopefully) be original recipes of mine! ¬†Baking is wonderful therapy, and is one of the few things that brings me joy. I’m trying to focus on the positives here, such as being home for Brian’s birthday, being able to watch Doctor Who live this season, and having more time to figure out what I want to do with my life; rather than the negatives- losing my job, not being at Disney (the other thing that brings me the most joy in life), etc.¬†

So hang in there, I’ll be back in a few days.¬†

~trust and pixie dust,
   Faith <3

Oh hey.

Wellll hello to anyone reading this!

Through my years of blogging, I’ve found that the first post is almost always the most awkward and out of place, but yet I always insist on creating an “Official First Post” anway.

So here we go.

My name is Faith, I’m 19, and I live in Baltimore, Maryland with time spent in Philadelphia for school. I’m double majoring in Music (flute concentration) and Psychology and hope to combine music Pedagogy and Counseling in the future.

I’ve been blogging on various websites for around six years but I’ve felt the most at home over on tumblr- however, I also want a more professional blog to share recipes and tidbits of life here and there without keysmash flailing. I also wanted a way to follow food blogs and interact with food bloggers more now.
Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo
Things I like: Jesus, Doctor Who, the Internet, Disney, Reading, Music, Baking, Coffee, peanut butter
Things I dislike: Probably anything not listed above, Pennsylvania roads, people who walk slow.
I’ll probably blog about: My life, living at Disney, Recipes, food.

I originally made this a blogspot based blog a few months ago, but I decided to switch to WordPress as it is easier to switch to a hosted domain easier. Over the next few days I’ll be manually switching my posts over here.

So now that’s out of the way, why don’t you introduce yourself?

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